Our Products

As the latest trend and innovation in construction industry with outstanding advantages, we provide quick construction solutions to our respective clients with earthquake resistance, ultra-hygiene and low-maintenance Pre-Engineered / Pre-Fabricated buildings for industrial and commercial projects such as factory, warehouse, supermarket, workshop, school / institute, cold storages, offices, logistics center, shopping mall, mills, Agri-farms, pharmaceutical and production buildings etc.

We also provide solution to domestic clients such as houses, portable cabins and security posts:

Pre-Fabricated Building

Structural Insulated Panel (SIP)

A structural insulated panel is a form of sandwich panel. SIP consists of an insulating layer of thermophore Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) sandwiched between two layers of structural board i-e Steel sheet (Prepainted Galvanized Steel sheet), Cement board. SIP panels are used as exterior walls and roofs. A variety of outside cladding for architectural purposes can be installed. We can also offer flooring and a foundation systems.

Light Gauge Steel (LGS) Building

LGS uses pre painted Galvanized steel sheet which passes through roll forming machine to get channel profiles. Structure is made of these C channel load bearing walls and roof structure. It is modern tech Building material designed for construction of pre-fabricated building structure. The steel frame is durable and designed for 50 years approx.

Portable Cabin

Portable cabins are custom built pre-fabricated structure manufactured for variety of applications such as site office, security cabin, accommodation, toilets. Portable cabins are fast to manufacture and easy to deliver.

Pre-Engineered Structure

A PEB is modern technology where complete design and fabrication done at factory in controlled environment to ensure quality standards, building components brought to site and fixed or jointed with bolted connection.

Secco Pak with its clear mission and vision serves as the well-grounded name of PEB fabrication and installation in the whole country. PEB designed by our expert team of Structural Engineers is thoroughly checked on all parameters to get best solution as per set industry guidelines and standards. We have completed many industrial, commercial and institutional projects, making our name in steel industry and infrastructure development by facing challenges and significantly progressing through them.

We provide Integrated facilities for design, manufacturers, fabrication, Supply, logistics and project execution of PEB. We are hereby committed to provide timely delivery of highly quality projects and products.

Metal / Steel Door

Over the years, SECCO PAK has established a solid reputation in manufacturing of steel doors of various types i-e Fire Rated Doors dully certificated and tested to international standard by local and international reputed organization, Blast Resistant Doors, Steel Flush and wire gauze Doors, Security Doors and Steel insulated doors.

Steel Doors is the only door material that offers 180 minutes of fire rating. Steel doors have superior performance for strength and durability as compared to other door materials. In its unaltered state it can withstand many physical and environmental impacts and is easier to maintain. When properly installed and maintained it can withstand for 30 years or longer also, they are fully recycled at end of their life. It lasts longer and requires very few repairs. Steel doors also outperforms other materials in security, fire rating, sound reduction, vandal resistance, sanitation, anti-microbials.

SECCO PAK offer many out of the box solutions for your standard or custom needs. Industry leading architects can utilize our products to achieve exact specifications their facility requires. Specify SECCO PAK for all of your standard or custom needs.

Fire Rated / Security Door

Our Fire rated / security Door are specially designed to meet international standards of fire rated doors. Door shutter is made by cold roll Galvanized steel sheet with a core material. Thickness of leaf will be 40-45mm and door is provided with door lock, door closure and hinges.

SECCO PAK is the only company with in-house facility of testing fire rated doors.

Steel Flush & Wire Gauze Door

Another superb product, the hinged or open able doors are available in different colors and gloss as per client’s demand. The accessories for hinged system are custom designed for durability and strength. The profiles have special rubber gaskets to provide maximum protection against noise, dust, cold and hot air, and water. The door system offers the choice of single glazed or double-glazed configuration.

Steel Flush & Wire Gauze Door

In these doors wires are gauged into the frame of the doors to make a mesh of wires which provide free air circulation through the doors but prevents flies, mosquitos and insects from entering inside, there is no privacy.

Especially SECCO PAK powder coated doors have been approved for hospitals, pharmaceuticals industries and schools but not limited.