Metal Fire Rated Doors

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SECCO fire doors are tested to internationally recognized standards. We are equipped to handle and test every door size and frame in our fire door testing lab equipped with with a full-scale furnace.




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Metal Fire Rated Doors

The Emergency Exit Doors and Fire Rated Doors manufactured by SECCOPAK have a Fire Rating for 30-120 minutes and are tested by PCSIR as per international Fire Standards. 
Benefits: Sound Proofing, High-Quality Look, Contains Smoke.
SECCO fire doors are tested to internationally recognized standards. SeccoPak has a dedicated inhouse Fire Door Testing Lab, equipped with a full scale furnace, enabling us to test every door size and frame.


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A fire rated door is a door with a fire-resistance rating used as part of a passive fire protection system. Basic requirements of fire rated doors are as follow :

  • Fire Resistant 
  • Fire Protection 
  • Smoke penetration 
  • To stop the spread of fire 
  • To stop the smoke leakage 
  • To enable safe egress from a building structure.
  •  Fire doors must meet following standards
  • BS 476
  • NFPA 252  (ASTM E2226 for Hose test)

SECCO PAK is the only company in Pakistan that has in house testing facility for fire rated doors.


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